If you need a business proposal letter or a detailed business proposal, our business proposal writing experts will consult with you, then customize, write/edit, and optimize your business proposal.

Unlike a business plan, which is created to run a company or raise capital, a business proposal is a bid to obtain business.

Three Key Elements

Targeted: We collaborate with you to uncover the prospective company's needs, challenges and their best solution. A winning business proposal requires optimal communication, and the proposal is best written in the language of the prospective client.

Superior Solution and Benefits: he recipient must understand why your solution is superior to all others. The proposal must outline all the benefits to be gained and losses to be avoided by doing business with your company.

Ultimate Credibility: A business proposal with samples of your work and proof of your ability to deliver will be most helpful. Appropriate qualifications, third-party testimonials from customers in the same industry, and industry-related awards are best included.

It doesn't matter whether you are in a startup business, mid-sized organization, non-profit organization or multinational company, you will receive a supremely crafted business proposal targeted to the recipient in their specific industry jargon.