Catalogue / Flyer Design

Whether selling B2B or B2C, every company has a brochure or catalogue. The image of an enterprise can be judged by its brochure or catalogue. It is the only contact with the buyer. Digital catalogs allow the reader to browse products with the familiar look and feel of printed catalog. It lets the reader interact with a product more than a printed catalog, with the flexibility to zoom in or out, flip pages, and use hyperlinks to browse the web and learn more about products. Digital catalogs and brochures are easy to maintain and update, saving enterprises printing and distribution costs.

Global Web Technologies e- catalogues have all the features of the traditional printed catalogue that you are familiar with. With high quality images, you can even turn the pages and access it online anywhere in the world. You can offer your readers an enhanced online version of your PDF brochure while they enjoy the benefits, flexibility, and interactivity of digital brochures.

Moreover with traditional catalogs, the only measurable metrics are sales rupees. GWT catalogs offer you the ability to view how customers react to every aspect of your catalog - what they viewed, what they didn't - what they shared and what they bought.