Auction Solution

GWT provide organizations with opportunities to exploit new channels for selling products and services. Our expertise and vast experience in the field of online retailing helps us in developing and customizing solutions that enable our clients to effectively manage their online auction portals. The online auction solutions developed by Websolutions India enable the creation of a global community of buyers and sellers. With its potential to attract a large global community of sellers and buyers, online auction houses are being seen by retail and other organizations as a means to supplement and spread their area of operations.GWT provides solutions that enable clients to create and manage virtual marketplaces wherein sellers are provided with the opportunity to offer their products and services on sale, for a specified time period, to the highest bidder. Buyers can browse through the elaborate online auction catalogues, containing detailed descriptions and images, and place their bids on selected items. Both buyers and sellers can view and track the bids made on the products. The solution provides the buyer with a platform to communicate directly with the seller, before placing the bid. When the auction period, during which the product is available for sale, has elapsed, the product is sold to the highest bidder. We ensure that the solutions offer secure online transaction processing by taking advantage of the latest Internet security standards.Through our solutions, clients can offer products for auction themselves, or can serve as facilitators providing a platform wherein buyers and sellers can communicate and transact with each other. Some of the specific accomplishments of this solution

Portal Benefits:

rovision to conduct more than 60 simultaneous auctions with over 110 bidders on each auction. The solution allows more than 100,000 users at any given instance. Allows users to shop online without participating in an auction. Permits allowing or blocking of bidders in an auction. Significant reduction in cost, time and effort required to arrange an auction. Available 24*7, throughout the year. Auction Format Related*Facilitates various kinds of Multiple product auctions Registered users can bidUsers accepting the terms and conditions and approved by sellers Private auctions where users are invited by Sellers (Password based) Reordering of the items in the Multiple product auctions possible

INTERACTION with client:

Enquiries with the seller regarding any items can be done during the preview Keeping items on Watch List would enable reminders or alerts coming in with respect to the corresponding auctions. Reporting abuse to the admin can be done on the preview of the item. Excellent feedback and rating provisions provided to sellers and buyers. This improves the confidence while doing business. Advertisement templates provided for Multiple product auctions Post-auction mails facilitated.


Secured registrations and encryption for the critical information provided. Payment transactions done within the system without moving out of the portal. Allows blocking and allowing bidders in an auction.