Application Migration

Software application migration is probably the most important facet of moving legacy systems on to more modern platforms like Windows, SQL Server & .NET. The obvious reasons to migrate to open platforms, is to achieve lower maintenance costs and enhanced business agility. This means working with proven application migration services providers, to reduce the risk involved in migrating such mission-critical applications.Making the decision to migrate business systems to a new platform can be difficult in today's economy, considering constrained IT resources and budgets. You must have a compelling business reason and a positive ROI to justify migrating your business systems from legacy systems to open platform.Global Web Technologies services experts, teaming with partners, put technology and proven services methodology to work to help you meet your application migration needs, including high reliability, cost-effectiveness, operational optimization, business agility, and innovation adoptionApplication Migration Services include:

Application Migration Analysis

High-level analysis and initial feasibility study of application architecture, source code dependencies and build environment; budgetary estimate for the migration to open platforms.

Application Migration Assessment

In-depth examination of the application code based on UNIX or proprietary operating systems, the build environment, and the application's interaction with other areas of the business process; level of effort estimate and initial migration plan.

Application Migration Implementation

Porting of an application (UNIX and proprietary OS-based applications) including: code transformation; build environment transformation, and application integration (existing environment).